SLEIGH Hunt Nov 1-30 2011

The Second Life Equestrian Inclusive Grid Hunt

SLEIGH Timeline

Hunt begins at 12:01 AM SLT, November 1st 2011

Hunt concludes at 11:59 PM SLT, November 30th

Gift Criteria

Your SLEIGH gift should be equestrian themed; unique to the hunt, and well-made. You may provide one or several items in your gift box, but all should be the highest quality. No business in a box or resale items are permitted.

You may provide gifts for horses, riders or stable accessories. Your gifts may be suitable for any sort of equestrian activity including breedable, wearable or horse avatars.

Our deepest gratitude to Sequoia Nightfire, Peace on Earth Hunt, for her organizational skills in helping us get all of this set up!

We are pleased to announce the launch of SLEIGH. Listed below are the participants with hints and in some cases, images of the hunt gift.

1. Carriage Trade

  • HINT: I’m on the hunt!
  • No Decoys

2. Secret Garden in the Clouds (Blog)

  • HINT: Take my Heart, It’s Yours

3. Carlos, Inc.

  • HINT: A little gun power always warmed a girl up!
  • No Decoys

4. BelDimi Gestures

  • HINT: Yahoo!
  • No Decoys

5.  United InshCon

  • HINT: Search the house with the red roof!
  • No DEcoys

6. Tree House Treasures

  • HINT: Wheeeeeee down this slope
  • No Decoys

7. Dramaz one

  • HINT: Jack is Crazy????
  • No Decoys

8. {NS} Nadeau Shoppe

  • HINT: A warm fire is what you need after a cold horse ride!
  • No Decoys

9. Pipper’s Place

  • HINT: Winter Sock Monkeys Have Fun Riding Me……

10. Sporting Equipment International

  • HINT: Where Should I file This?
  • No Decoys

11. Finistair [SKIP, but pick up new LM @ Carriage Trade SLEIGH Poster or use this SLurl]

12. Exquisite Eye Decorations@Loch Avie

  • HINT: Did I see a PINK elephant ? YES I DID SEE A PINK ELEPHANT !
  • No Decoys

13. Stone’s Works

  • HINT: Roses are Red Violets are Blue lots of Daisys in here too!
  • No Decoys

14. Cosmic Steam Designs

  • HINT: What are all these manhole covers doing in a clothes shop?
  • TWO Decoys

15.  (In)Discretions

  • HINT: Where do YOU think you’d store a sleigh?
  • No Decoys

16. artMEfashion

  • HINT: It will keep you warm
  • ONE decoy

17:  Bundle Store/Seasonal Creations by MamaP

  • HINT: I still love my Walkers!
  • No Decoys

18: MamaP’s Barn and Western Decor

  • HINT: Rolling in the barn in the hay!

19: !! Never Ever!

  • HINT: If you are into my store, look arround and around and then you can find the sleigh on the ground
  • No Decoys

20: ~Kennedy’s~

  • HINT: I’m just sliding my way into the mens department!
  • No Decoys

21: Flood

  • HINT: I’ll sit here and wait for the horsies to be born!
  • No Decoys

22:  Off The Wall

  • HINT: I’m taking a ride around the yard
  • No Decoys

23: Retro

  • You still have to finish emptying the boxes
  • No Decoys

24:  DemotiK

  • HINT: Fly high and free!!
  • No Decoys

25: Shabby Chic [Skip for now: Go to #26 SLURL]

  • HINT: I’m hanging out with the bovine
  • No Decoys

26: [AhMuSeD XpresNz

  • HINT: Maybe the funny looking bunny wants to go on a ride with me?
  • No Decoys

27:  JULES~~Creations

  • HINT: n a sweater may be a surprise gift
  • No Decoys

28: Tack Room

  • HINT: You have to buy ALL the things. ALL of them!
  • No Decoys
Sleigh Version 1, for Water Horse avatars. Horse not included.
Sleigh Version 2, Wearable horse included

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